It just starting out

It just starting out



Ifa Divination for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

What’s New in Version 1.1
Now able to listen to and read all 16 major odu in both Yoruba and English. This is made available through an In-App Purchase. This is a special opportunity to memorize Ifa Chanting in both Yoruba and English.


This is the first iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Ifa Divination application in the world. Students and practitioners of Yoruba-Ifa-Orisa religion are now able to listen to and read Ifa Chanting, carry all 256 Ifa Verses and a virtual Ifa Divination Chain (Opele) in their mobile devices in the palm of their hands.


-Visit iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifa-divination/id436169875?mt=8&ls=1

Originally posted on ileashe:

Amor and Ashe.

As always and forever, I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are truly in the best of health and spirit. Alafia.

Today, as the world takes the time to recognize the potency of Love, I lay before La Caridad del Cobre and smile. With her bell firmly in my hand, I feel my body tingle with each ring it makes as my hands softly swing it from side to side.

I lay before my adored Caridad del Cobre and call her by the name she was first introduced to me by. I call her Oshun.

Ay mi querida, Oshun, I come to you today as I do each and every day and thank you. I thank you for not only loving me, but also for sharing your ashe with me so that I am able to learn the meaning…

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Welcome to Ifa Divination Homepage.  Onaje Woodbine, Ph.D. Candidate in Religious Studies at Boston University and Folasade Woodbine have created this website to provide a support network and forum for all students and practitioners of Yoruba-Ifa-Orisa religion, to learn and discuss Ifa Divination.  May Orunmila be our guide!

Ọ̀rúnmìlà, ẹlẹ́ẹ̀rí-ìpín (Orunmila, Witness to Destiny)

Ibìkejì Olódùmarè (Second to Olodumare)

A-jẹ-́ju-oògùn (One who is more efficacious than medicine)

Obìrìtíi –A-p’ijọ́-ikú-dà  (One Who Averts Death) 

Olúwa mi àmọ̀ìmọ̀tán (My God, Whom We do not Know Completely) 

A kò mọ̀ ọ́ tán    (We do not Know You Completely)

à bá mọ̀ ọ́ tan ìbá ṣẹ (If We Knew You Completely, All Would be Well)  


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