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This is to inform you our beloved teacher  Bishop E. A. Lijadu that initiated us and open his arm to accept us without religious discrimination had giving up his ghost after battling stroke for many months. With the state of medical attention in Nigeria not been stable he was unable to go further with this battle. He was a fighter he had once won the battle that left him partially paralyzed years ago but he was still able to go about his business with the help of a walking cane. Bishop as join his ancesestors at about 10mins to 3pm Nigeria time on Wednesday the 16th of July. Christian wake keep was head at his residence in Ondo town Nigeria yesterday while his burial was head ealier today. This was done quickly due to the fact that he requested that is body not be putting in mortuary when he died so he was perserved the traditional way for 2days before been buried. People came from all over the world even though it was on a very short notice. He was a legend and a saint in his own way. We love you Baba journey on in the blossom of your creator. Till we meet to part no more. 


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